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Hi, I'm Greg Chapman. I started this site when I used to teach adult education classes in the county of Norfolk, UK. These included beginners courses in Web Site Creation and Digital Photography.

Now this site aims to help people get to a point where they can publish their first web site using good modern practice, and to use top-end image editing software to enhance their digital photography.

The site updates the handouts and exercises I used as teaching aids on the courses I used to teach and adds various other hints and tips for new web authors and digital photographers. Listed below are descriptions of the main sections of the site reached from the main menu.

Because, initially, the pages on the site were designed as classroom handouts, I have continued to build them in as printer friendly way as possible. Don't be afraid to print them!

I welcome feedback with questions, and ideas for improving this site, from both beginners and experts.

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This section of the site has two main components:

The first provides some basic advice on the structure and presentation of a site. Too many new web authors have an extremely visual mind set when they consider the design of their first site. I explain why this leads to poor structure in the underlying code which, in turn, leads to sites which are extremely difficult to maintain and frustration for the new webmaster.

The second component contains more detailed step-by-step guidance on how to produce a basic "Master Page" to use as a template for an entire site. Further pages give guidance on various ways to customise the master page with a number of common features and alternative page lay-outs.

The main software package use is KompoZer, an excellent package for new authors wishing to learn about HTML and CSS. KompoZer is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web editor. It is an open source program. This means that it is not proprietary software and any programmer can further develop the program for special purposes. One such development is the portable version. This has the advantage that it can run from a flash drive (USB stick) and does not need to be installed on the host computer's hard disk. I used to encourage my students to use this version so they could bring to class not only their data files, but their program installation as well. It made life so much easier for them to explain the problem they were having at home!

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This section of the site covers the image editing aspect of digital photography using The GIMP.

Like KompoZer, The GIMP is another open source package available both for a variety of platforms and also in portable format. This software rivals Adobe PhotoShop, the leading commercial package, and will achieve all that any new digital photographer will need - and a whole lot more! (It's pretty handy for producing all manner of web graphics too, having automated scripts for a range of effects.) This section is where I give some guidance on how to use the program for new users.

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