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KompoZer is an excellent WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) software package for introducing people to web design and site creation.
Unlike some web editors, it was designed from the start for that purpose and is not converted from a Word Processing, Desk Top Publishing or Presentation Graphics program.  This means it is capable of producing good compact HTML and CSS that needs little or no amendment to validate against W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards.

However, "out of the box" it does have some short-comings. Its default spellchecker is US English and there are bugs in some parts of the program. Various external packages and exensions can almost entirely overcome these issues, so they are not a serious concern. This page describes where to obtain both the main package and additional software and how to install it into your working copy of KompoZer.

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KompoZer is an "open source" program written by volunteer programmers. This means that anyone can obtain the original source code and amend it. This is what has happened and why the program is now available in two forms from two different sites.

Unless you want to run the program from a USB flash drive, when the portable version is the appropriate download, you might just as well download and install the conventional program as it will work faster when run from a hard disk. The two versions are available from:

KompoZer: Home Page | Download

KompoZer Portable: Home Page | Download

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